Magic illusion show

Christian Lavey is available with his full magic illusion show.

Big illusions for the special, spectacular show.

In addition to “smaller” shows, there is also the possibility to book Christian Lavey as an illusionist with his stage illusions.

A girl flies in Christian Lavey's - magic illusion show
See a guest fly – right in front of you

Incredible productions, magical effects and an elaborate illusion show with unique and breathtaking illusions – this is an illusion magic show.

Experience up close how the illusionist appears from nowhere, how guests float and assistants disappear. Elaborate stage illusions for your event. A spectacular illusion show

Should it be one size bigger for your next event? No problem! Our illusion shows take you to unbelievable worlds and bring a part of Las Vegas to you. You want your new product to be conjured up on the stage? You think about levitating the new boss? Are you looking for high-quality entertainment for a big event? The magic show with stage illusions is ideal for the big stage, galas, variétés and for all events which should be a number more spectacular and breathtaking.

The duration of such a show can be tailored to your needs and can be between 5 and 90 minutes. Christian Lavey as Illusionist will bring you an unforgettable show, lots of laughter and much more.

He presents a modern show with spectacular and unique illusions, filled with comedy, excitement and fun. We will gladly advise you on the individual compilation of a major illusion show for your company party, big event or any other event.

Magic illusion show
Magic Illusion show

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